10 Accessories That Will Transform Your Entire Space

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” – I bet you have heard that once or twice, but you know what a kitchens best friend is? ACCESSORIES. Now let’s say that louder! Accessories tie everything together and in addition, promote that personal touch that will separate your kitchen from your next-door neighbors. Having a universal element that is consistent throughout your home helps give you that “designer” look. I absolutely love designing and updating new kitchens, but I will tell you a secret, when it boils down to having that “wow” factor, I want to stress the details. Let’s make a checklist for your uniquely YOU kitchen.

  1. Light Fixtures – One of my favorite accessories! A lot goes into lighting and not just the fixture itself. Ask yourself, do you want a warm or cool looking kitchen? You will really need to decide on your lighting temperature because that can make a huge impact on the color of your cabinets. However, just like a necklace, a light fixture can make a bold impact. Updating your light fixtures will pull your kitchen from the 1990’s to 2020. I promise this will be a decision you will never regret.
  2. Range Hood – You have a lot of options with range hoods. If you can’t decide, bring your ideas to us and we can build you something fully custom.
  3. Chattanooga cabinets accessoriesBacksplash – No you don’t have to have a backsplash, but if you do… make sure it represents your personality. Are you a bubbly person? Make it your mission to find a backsplash that is equally as energized as -you. By the way, nothing is limiting you to keep your backsplash at the steady 18” above your countertop. Splash your kitchen all the way to the ceiling for an on trend look.
  4. Faucets – Faucets can be important for many reasons. They can be the color of the brass hardware you fell in love with and can’t part with. They can be touch less, thus, minimizing mess and effort. They can have levers or knobs. You have plenty of options, so do your research and find out what’s best for you.
  5. kitchen-hardwareHardware – Oh WOW. I absolutely love me some beautiful hardware. You have a variety of finishes and shapes that will really reflect the style of your kitchen. I’m sure you have all seen brushed nickel, matte black, polished chrome, etc… but let me tell you that I have been looking at some truly unique hardware that’s on the market. I recently came across some marble pulls that are to die for. I’m just chomping at the bit to put them in a truly exceptional kitchen.
  6. Appliances – RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. That’s all I have to say. There are some amazing products on the market, but you really need to decide where you do the most cooking and dictate which appliance appeals to your lifestyle the most. Check out Siano and learn about all the new appliances.
  7. Stemware – I love to put stemware holder’s underneath wall cabinets. Decorating with your favorite wine glasses is a simple and easy way to give your kitchen a touch of elegance.
  8. Plates & Bowls – If you have open shelving, it is SO important to display aesthetically pleasing plates & bowls that go with the overall design of your kitchen.
  9. Utensils – Don’t forget to find those beautiful wood or stainless-steel utensils that seem to always sit pretty next to the stove.
  10. Cutting Board – I love decorating kitchens with cutting boards. You can find unique shapes and stains that really bring those earth tones into your kitchen. Don’t forget to support your local venders. I’m always exploring the Chattanooga Market and the local artisans have some amazing hand crafted cutting boards.