Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing allows you to completely change all the doors and drawers in the kitchen. You can change the style of door, wood species, color and the finish of your existing cabinets. Chattanooga Cabinets™ can give your kitchen a whole new look and feel. We offer a huge selection of door styles, wood materials, colors and finishes to fit every style and every budget.


The process begins by working with our design professional to choose a new style of door for your kitchen. You can choose from a traditional raised panel to a contemporary slab panel.

Next is choosing the wood species. You can choose from maple with little grain to a beautiful cherry wood or even some exotic hardwoods like rustic hickory.

Now add some color and a finish. Here you can choose from a huge selection of colors in both paint and stain. As in cabinet refinishing, we offer the same finishing techniques. You can choose a standard finish or a glazed finish or even a distress finish. Our unique refacing process can meet your every need.

Once you select the door style, wood specie, color and finish, we then begin making each door and drawer to specification. It’s your own custom kitchen at a fraction of the cost.

The work begins when our craftsmen come to your home and remove and dispose of old doors and drawer fronts. The kitchen is then prepped, and the cabinet boxes are sprayed to match your new doors and drawers. Once everything has been built at our cabinet shop, all doors and drawers are painted or stained to your approved color and finishing technique. Our craftsmen then carefully install your new cabinet doors, drawer fronts and drawer boxes to the exact specifications of your existing cabinetry.

We can also change your layout or alter cabinets to accommodate new appliances or countertop updates. The entire process is complete in 7 days.

Advantages of Cabinet Refacing:

  • A large selection of styles, wood specie, color, and finishing options.
  • Allows dramatic cabinet updates without requiring countertop replacement.
  • Far less expensive than comparable, new cabinetry.
  • Does not require tear out or heavy demolition.
  • Your existing kitchen cabinets will look BRAND NEW at a fraction of the cost of replacing them!!