Important Tips In Choosing Hardwood Floors, Tennessee

Are you thinking of doing some improvement in your Tennessee home? If so, you should plan it well. After all, a project like this involves some serious amount of money – you do not want to fail.

If your home improvement plan includes installing a new floor and you are considering hardwood floors, Tennessee, then read on as this post is for you.

In this post, we have provided some useful insights about some things to consider when choosing hardwood floors, Tennessee.

Board widths. You have to carefully consider which particular board width you choose as this will have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic appeal of your floor. For instance, the strips give the illusion of more space. Planks offer a rustic look. And, a new option, parquet squares offer a distinctive geometric design, which suits best for formal spaces.

Colors. Hardwoods come in a wide variety of colors – from blond to black – depending on species and, of course, finish. But no worries, when it comes to colors, you can never go wrong with hardwood as all of them are appealing – cozy, elegant.

Wood species. Why it is important to consider the hardwood species? Because different species have different levels of durability, grain patterns, and color. You may opt to choose some of the most popular options for their durability – Oak, maple, and cherry. But you might also like exotic woods such as mahogany or Brazilian Cherry for their awesome aesthetics.

Textures. There are several options when it comes to hardwood textures. Some look shiny and new. There are also hardwood materials that look like an antique and creates a timeworn character to your room. In other words, the texture can add more personality to your floor design.

Finish. The last item but not the least, you have to consider hardwood finishes as they also play a role not just aesthetic-wise but in giving protection to the surface. There are a lot of prefinished hardwood choices these days, so you do not need to do the finishing on your own. Buying prefinished hardwoods eliminates exposure to dust, chemical fumes, and, of course, waiting time. And they come with a warranty as well.

Talk to your hardwood installer about the best possible options.

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