Kitchen Remodeling in Chattanooga, The Top 5 Kitchen Remodeling Tips For 2014

Homeowners in the Carlsbad area who are planning on remodeling their homes in the New Year may be curious about where to begin. A full kitchen renovation is quite the project to undertake. A common mistake that much first time DIY home renovators make is that they fail to prioritize tasks based on importance and kitchen functionality. This often leads to a slow and messy renovation with lots of back tracking and extra work. In order to help first time kitchen remodeler get the job done right the first time we have created a top 5 lists of Kitchen Remodeling tips that should help keep your project on track.

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1. Don’t Skimp On The Materials

Whether you are hiring a professional or doing the entire Reno your self, do not skimp on the materials that you choose. Purchasing high quality materials for your kitchen will not only make it look better in the end but it can also save you a lot of grief during the renovation process. This is because quality finishes like marble or granite holds up better than plastic laminate during the installation and transporting process and these materials are strong and durable they will last for years once they are installed.

2. Get Your Measurements Right

Any professional kitchen remodeler will tell you that accurate measurements are everything when it comes to renovating without any problems. This is because determining every aspect of the kitchen remodel is determined by the initial measurements of the different areas within the kitchen. Everything, from the kitchen cabinets to the space where the refrigerator goes needs to be accurately measured. Try to think of you kitchen reno like puzzle, where all the pieces need to fit together cohesively.

3. Get The Order Right

An amateur mistake is getting the task list out of order then discovering that you actually have to remove a part of your new kitchen in order to finish it! An example of this would be installing your brand new marble counter tops and then having to stain the cabinetry that they are installed on. Before you begin to finish any part of your remodel write out a task list that lays out a logical order of installation.

4.Choose Functionality

Sometimes, even the most gorgeous of kitchens can lack function. Before you settle on a design and materials consider carefully what functional elements that you require in your kitchen that would make your life easier. Then, before you make any final choice evaluate whether or not that choice is a functional addition to YOUR KITCHEN. For example, interesting design elements like white sinks, or stainless steel countertops may seem like they would be visually interesting, but in practice they do not really lend to the overall function of the kitchen because they can be extremely difficult to keep clean.

5. Don’t Underestimate The Details

Things like lighting and cabinet hardware may not seem that important in the initial design, however these are the final components that will help to pull your entire kitchen renovation together. Make sure that you leave enough room in you budget to purchase the finishing elements that will make your kitchen look complete.