Tile – Wall & Floor

There are many advantages to using tile and stone in your remodel projects.

Tile and stone are both durable – they don’t scratch, and whether applied to floors, walls, or countertops are virtually waterproof. Both can be an excellent way to add individuality and creativity to your home.

Our goal is to make your experience as easy as possible.

We know home projects – particularly those involving design – can be complicated. We’re here to help you through every step, from planning to completion.

Work one-on-one with a friendly, knowledgeable designers. Rely on us to serve as your guide and partner. We’ll listen, offer ideas, and answer all your questions.

We’ll concentrate on the details and recommend the correct products.

The smallest details can make or break your project. We know what to ask. For instance:

  • Which tile or stone helps you achieve the look you want?
  • How will you handle tile transitions from room to room?
  • What kind of soap dish works best in your shower?

We’ll help with choices and get you the things you need. Count on us to go the extra mile.

Decorative Accents

Decorative accents add the finishing touch, the “it’s me” factor to personalize wall tile installations. The extensive collection includes a range of stone, metal and wood finishes in multiple sizes, offering the perfect design touch –whatever the room style.


Clean, pure impervious mesh-mounted glass mosaics captivate and catch the light. Jewel-like tesserae in clear or translucent glass, stand-alone or working in tandem with other materials, immediately attract attention and add drama to any installation.

Glass is easy to clean, non-absorbent and emits no harmful VOCs. Sheets can be easily cut into smaller modules to customize a space.

Glazed Ceramic

Glazed ceramic tile has an impervious facial finish fused to a semi-vitreous (3.0% – 7.0% water absorption) ceramic body. The color of the tile is derived from the glaze layer, not from the tile body, as the body color can differ from the surface color. Glazed ceramic meets the needs of many installations at a reasonable cost.

Wall Tile

Glazed wall tile has a body that is suitable for interior wall use and which is normally non-vitreous for improved adhesion to vertical surfaces. These tiles are not required or expected to withstand excessive impact, abrasion or be subjected to freeze/thaw cycling. These tiles do not have attached spacing lugs.

Stacked Stone

The versatility of stack tiles provide a multitude of design opportunities. Available in glass, natural stone, and porcelain, stack tile can be used as full sheets or cut to create listelles of various shapes and sizes. The myriad of colors, patterns and materials can be combined to build a true work of art accenting your project, whether traditional or modern. If you’re a lover of finely crafted detail, stack mosaics, finish the project by framing natural stone trim and moldings.


Travertine Stone Slabs & Tiles have a quiet natural beauty shaped by the unique features of each piece. A natural stone which has been highly affected by the forces of underground springs and subterranean rivers, travertine is the middle stage of limestone evolving into marble. Travertine has a subtle elegance which lends it an old-world charm, from rustic to refined. This natural stone brings unique warmth to kitchens, living spaces, and bathrooms.


Soapstone Slabs, sometimes called Steatite, is a talc-based natural stone with some unique qualities. It pulls in heat from a fireplace or stove and will continue to radiate that heat for hours, even after the heat source has been turned off. Also, due to its talc content, acids will not etch it, making it a great choice for kitchen countertops and fireplace hearths.

Porcelain Stoneware

Fine porcelain stoneware features an extremely dense and impact-resistant body with low water absorption that makes it “outdoor” friendly, even in freeze-thaw areas. Within this category, Chattanooga Cabinets & Floors™ showcases a range of porcelains – Color Body Porcelain, Glazed Porcelain, and Through Body Porcelain – to meet diverse needs. The commonality is that all offer recycled components, frost resistance, no VOCs, ease of maintenance, low life cycle costs.