Working with a cabinet door refacing company

If you are planning for a kitchen remodel in Chattanooga for the first time, cabinet door refacing probably is part of that kitchen upgrade project. If that is so, I’d say that you are in the right track for kitchen improvement. Having your cabinet doors refaced can greatly improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

If your remodel plan is set, the next thing you need to do is to find the most qualified kitchen remodel company specializing in cabinet door refacing Chattanooga. How does it like to be working with one for my project? What are the processes to follow? – The questions you might ask.

If you are hiring a company like Chattanooga Cabinets, here is the general process you are to follow:

  1. It begins with the consultation. This is the time when a cabinet refacing company provides an assessment of your project – what needs to be done, your budget allocation, the project timetable, among other pertinent information.
  2. You will sit down with the design professionals. In this stage, you and the company are going to discuss the project specifics, including: cabinet door style/design preference; whether you would want a traditional or a contemporary design; the type of materials. The color and finish need to be decided as well. Of course, your budget is taken into consideration.
  3. Project officially commences. After all the specifcs are decided/settled, craftsmen from your chosen company will go to your home to officially begin working with the project. The initial job for cabinet door refacing Chattanooga could include the removal and disposal of all door and drawer fronts.
  4. Replacement of existing cabinetry boxes. Following the removal of old door and drawer fronts is the replacement of cabinetry boxes with furniture grade solid wood veneers and/or solid wood face frames based on the materials you have chosen.
  5. New cabinet doors installation. Lastly, craftsmen then install your custom-designed cabinet doors and drawer fronts, which is, again, based on your chosen specifications.

So, there it is. You can have a newly-refaced set of kitchen cabinets with the steps above.

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